Justified True Belief (souchan) wrote,
Justified True Belief

Reflexão sobre palavras passadas

As palavras que se seguem são, ipsis verbis o resultado de um debate entre discípulo (eu) e professor que, a partir dos 17 anos, me definiram de forma instrumental. Passados tantos anos, e mudados tantos paradigmas, é hora de as relembrar e verificar o que se concretizou e o que ficou por concretizar.

Quase tudo no texto é figurado. Não existe uma "montanha": é meramente um símbolo.

You are not allowed to leave the mountain. The mountain is the hermitary you sought.

How do you plan to defend those people with your limited knowledge? After you have impressed your minds with the low, imperfect degrees of your current knowledge? How will you choose the faction that has achieved the alleged truth about the world we live in and its relations, and merely do its bidding?

If you want to effect change, you must choose a side that will lend you credibility. I have not bestowed the most solid and powerful principles of reasoning onto you so you would become the pawn of the men who seek limitless power, the power to manipulate the very fabric of our experiences. I have not taught you those principles so you could freely tarnish them. You can change nothing!

The troubles of the outside world are recurring. They stem from the current characteristics of human nature. Pay no heed to them.

And knowing that, am I to stand and do nothing and live in self-ordained ignorance? I can't ignore them! They need someone to wake them from the slumber of reason, which creates the most powerful dragons.

Critical thinking is the black ship that sails those seas. It is able to banish such dragons from existence, but the price may be high.

When your training is complete, your mind will become as strong as your words. The relations that underlie the world will become clear to you. You will learn of their transience. You will learn to look inward and collect the riches therein.

The persons who dwell in ignorance, the persons who suffer and die because of such ignorance cannot wait that long! Your words are worthless to them! While we discuss philosophy, people fall prey to people who can manipulate reality at will.

Go down there. Destroy their lives.

Stepping on other people's dreams is the only art a philosopher can master. No ornamental words can change that fundamental fact. You want to protect people with Truth? You'll disenchant hundreds so that they become aware of such useless truths. Long before you were aware of yourself, my arguments were tearing asunder the lives of men. Yes, those men were ignorant. But they were human beings, first and foremost. No one commits evil willingly: it is a product of ignorance.

The world you are about to enter will not know what to do with you! It will deceive you and lead you astray. You will become a pawn to people and groups who advocate Truth. You will exert your supposed duty to enlighten when you have not become enlightened yourself. You will end as a worthless puppet, whose mind has been shattered. Confused, you will seek refuge in sweet alienation, that is akin to death. All the while, your hands and your mind will be stained with the worst of offenses: ignorance.

Even if you side with no one, you will be dealt the fate of the outcast. You will suffer their rejection, and their foul words and stares. You will be seen as nothing more than a foul anthropod, and there is nothing romantic about it. Your mind will soon know pain as your social programming resurfaces.

Perhaps. Even so, my words will bring relief to people who have never left the cave you've spoken of so many years ago. Of people who have not basked in the supposed sun you've mentioned. A human being who feeds on his brother is not a man anymore: he is a mad beast, and should be dealt the same fate. My wish is to rescue those minds, countless minds from the depths of that cave, from the hold of those dragons of reason, who keep them captive. In order to do so, I must leave!

It is foolish to impart those lessons to someone who will not heed them. Go wherever you wish to go.
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