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Sunday. It's not the case that Sundays are boring. They just go by too quickly. I like Sundays, sunny, long Sundays. But today is a cloudy Sunday, and Monday's just 'round the corner. Which means going back to work. So, despite having waken up at noon, and now being 14:44, I've done nothing so far. Well, I think I'll catch up on some readings concerning philosophy of law. And maybe watch some Bamboo Blade. I've watched Samurai 7 for the last three days: great storyline, amazing OST.

I've been writing some introductory stuff on political authority and the State. Mainly dabbling on what is it all about, how can the State be justified, and from what sources it draws its alleged legitimacy. I want to write a historical account of the State as we know it, and on how it came to replace tribal societies. And on how it evolved through the fragmentation of power that is the hallmark of the medieval period, with vassals holding almost absolute power over their domains. But, oh, for most of my readers, this is utterly boring stuff. Nobody really cares anymore why the State holds power, and for what purposes. Everything is taken for granted, as long as one is protected from foreign invasion, internal turmoil, etc.

I feel I also have to catch up on my Igo games. Yes, I've begun recently and with the recent turmoil on my life, I've lost the motivation and the concentration needed to follow such a demanding intellectual activity. I've been teaching someone as of recently, and I think it sparked my interest once again.

I'd also like to restart writing here, as time and patience allow.
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